Model HB110
Engine Type Diesel engine
Power 12HP
Clutch type Dry type multi disc clutch
Steering system Compress steering type
Brake system Small - scale braking
Transmission system Fixed sliding positioning
Transmission ratio Low Gear 1st gear 44 : 1
Mid Gear 2nd gear 23 : 1
High Gear 3rd gear 08 : 1
Backward Gear 56 : 1
Tractor Speed Low Gear 1st gear 4.3km/hour
Mid Gear 2nd gear 8.2km/hour
High Gear 3rd gear 23.5km/hour
Backward Gear 3.4km/hour
Triangle belt Length 1981mm
Quantity 2
Diameter of engine pulley 140mm
Diameter of tranmission pulley 180mm
Wheel axle size 44.5mm
Rubber tire Type Special type for tractor
Dimensions 24 x 11.0010
Pressure 46pound / sq. Inch
Diameter of iron wheel 600mm
Lubricant of tranmission Type SAE No. 90
Capacity 5.5-6L
Working capacity 2000m² - 3000m²/hour
Grain loss < 0.5%
Breaking rate < 0.1%
Cutting width 1.1m
Feeding capacity 0.5kg/s
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3,4m x 1,3m x 1,4m
Weight (including engine) 500kg