Model BR 120-T
Type Gasoline reaper
Working capacity 3-4hr/ha (1.2-1.6hr/acre)
Application crop Rice and wheat
Application plant height 60-120cm
Application to inclided crop plant Up to 60 degree of inclined angle
Cutting Cutting width 120cm
Cutting device Reciprocating Knife Bar
Cutting height Adjustable, 10-30cm
Engine Type 4 cycle, air-cooled gasoline
Maximum output 4-5hp(2.9-4.0kw)
Fuel Gasoline
Travel Travel speeds Forward 59m/min
Reverse 50m/min
Tire Type High lug tire
Dimensions 435x180mm
Lug height 40mm
Wheel distance 690mm
Applicability Dry field to wet field
Operational and control Main clutch Dog clutch
Harvesting clutch Dog clutch
Height adjustment of handle 750-900mm
Delivery Upper delivery device Revolving chain with lug plates
Lower delivery device Revolving chain
Crop release Right side of machine(viewed from rear)
Dimensions L x W x H 2390mm x 1470mm x 900mm
Weight 126 kgs
Option Cage wheel(460x180mm)